Practicing for Thanksgiving

Nov 14, 2010

The sicker I feel, the easier it is to [metaphorically] throw my fists in the air and scream “why me??” (which most often metaphorically happens in the shower, where no one can see me or hear me cry.)  During yesterday’s pity-party/shower-for-one, I tried my damnest to find things to be thankful for. In my overcrowded mind, full of valid complaints and fears, a voice full of anguish and anger screamed at me through gritted teeth that there are, in fact, things to be thankful for. And if I don’t start to focus on some of them very soon, regardless of how minute some of them might be, I am going to lose it.

So, here is what I’m thankful for today:
I am oh-so-VERY-thankful that I do not live in Thailand and that we do not have squat toilets here in the U.S. And I mean that!

courtesy: hobotraveler.com

Uh, uh. Nooooo, noooo, noooo… SO not happening.

Even without Crohn’s Disease, using a squat toilet is something I DO NOT want to think about, but with the amount of time I spend on the freakin’ thing, I want something I can actually sit on. And I want something that flushes! And, just to make things more interesting, with my Fibromyalgia, I would topple over within a minute or – maybe – two :-/

So, in review: Thankful I don’t live in Thailand; thankful for toilets I can sit on here in the U.S.  It’s a start.

Other people always start with “I’m thankful for my health”, right? …and nobody gives them sh*t.

See? Thankful AND happy




  1. GREAT POST! Who would think to be thankful for their toilet? Love it! I agree with you 100%…I don’t have Crohn’s but with my IBS and FMS I today, thanks to you, am also thankful for my toilet! ;)

  2. Thank you! Gotta start with the little things, right? My husband gave me a hard time, half-jokingly calling me a “spoiled American”…He’s Dutch (and has traveled extensively), and does NOT have IBD or IBS. Need I say more? :-/

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