Not a “Resolution”

Jan 2, 2011

courtesy: Getty Images

If I call it a resolution, I’ll never get it done – and I want to achieve the goal of writing a post at least once a week.  WordPress challenged me (yes, “me”, personally) to blog either every day or every week and I have decided to accept the weekly challenge. 

So often, I think about what I want to post in my blog today, but then ‘today’ turns into last month.  And, despite the fact that this is a recurring phenomenon, I am shocked every single time it happens. 

A little discipline… a little accountability… and a decent amount of down time as I convalesce after surgery on January 10th should help get me started.  A portion of my intestines will be sacrificed to the Crohn’s Monster that day because I have exhausted all of the medicinal remedies and they are no longer effective.

Giving up a piece of my intestine is a small price to pay if the quality of my life improves as a result.  So this is happy news… and 2011 will be a happy year.

Happiness and good health to all in 2011,



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