Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

Apr 2, 2011

Early morning drive to the hospital

Sunrise Drive 

Though somewhat terrified because I would soon be at the hospital for major surgery, I just couldn’t ignore the vibrant, soothing colors of the sunrise that enveloped me.  I also couldn’t turn around and take the picture directly, hence the side mirror. 

Of course, there was also this fatalist, “sunrise behind me”, and “could this be my last sunrise?” drama taking place, but I don’t think it’s evident in the photo :-)



  1. Cool shot. I love that the car was traveling the correct direction to capture this. Hope your surgery turned out well.

    • Thanks, Doris – I was pretty amazed that it captured as much of what I actually saw. Getting better every day, thank you.

  2. I hope the surgery went well. This was an awesome photo! :)

  3. Hi, Yelly…
    Yes, the surgery (2/24) went well, thank you. Still on the mend, but never as fast as I’d like.

    Thanks for your comment :-)

  4. Nice light photo. I love red skies.

  5. All the best for you! I like the composition of the photo, great idea! Regards, Uta

  6. […] (photo credit) […]

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